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Elevate Your Business with Our Digital Marketing Academy Focus on Corporate Advancement

In the fiercely competitive business landscape of today, digital marketing stands as a cornerstone of success. Our Digital Marketing Academy is dedicated to fortifying the online marketing capabilities of businesses. Frequently, organizations encounter hurdles when entrusting their online business marketing to external agencies, yielding outcomes that often fall short. Our program is meticulously designed to empower internal teams, bridging the gap in knowledge across various platforms, company culture, and strategic direction. By merging these aspects with digital marketing expertise, we pave the way for achieving superior online marketing results. At times, internal employees tasked with this responsibility may find themselves grappling with inadequate skills, further highlighting the scarcity of qualified personnel in this field.


TNA Training Need Analysis Report

"We provide a TNA (Training Needs Analysis) Report to assist our clients in identifying areas of improvement within their company's digital marketing efforts. By aligning this analysis with the client's vision, we deliver a comprehensive report."

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Digital Marketing Planning Report

"After conducting surveys and analyzing our client's company, including its employees, values, and objectives, we will create a Digital Marketing Planning Report. This report will provide our clients with insights on how to enhance their digital marketing strategies."


Focus Digital Marketing Training 

"Our primary focus in corporate digital marketing training is centered around researching the client's specific industry, understanding how to create relevant content, and effectively penetrating the online market. Our goal is to equip every employee with essential skills to enhance the company's online efficiency."

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Employee Skill Analysis Report

"After the completion of our focused corporate digital marketing training, we will provide our clients with an Employee Skill Analysis Report. This report will enable clients to identify the specific areas in which their employees excel and help in assigning them to specialized online roles."



HRD Claimable Standard

"Our courses are HRD (Human Resource Development) claimable, which means that businesses who contribute to HRD can benefit from cost savings, achieving two goals with one action."

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